“Thank you, Sandra, for sharing all your wonderful gifts with us today! The “You are a Creative Genius” workshop was awesome! Everyone who showed up was authentic heartfelt and fabulous! I am so honored and proud to have been a part!”
Jen Lupton Wood, Pilates Instructor & Owner White Mountain Pilates Studio
“Sandra… thank you for bringing us back to ourselves!”
Krista DeMille, Dancer, Actor, River Guide, New York, NY

“I loved my cowrie shell reading with Sandra. She exhibited a wonderful balance of guiding the process while providing space to allow the magic to organically unfold. I received clear direction and I’m still feeling encouraged by what I learned.”

Kirk VandenBerghe, Writer, Speaker, Coach & Trainer Edmonds, WA


And the stars said to me…

  This was information passed down to me directly from the stars in the night sky. I had been struggling that day with my stubborn ego and feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. I climbed up to the top of a favorite hill and sat on the earth. As I wrestled with my feelings the sun [...]

Church of Nature

Picture by Sandra Winslow Nature is my Church The naked sky my cathedral The stones, logs, and grasses my pews The animals my wisest of preachers The elements my penance This is my church, Nature This is my place of reverence This is my forum for confession This is my foundation for faith [...]

Angels in the Clouds

Picture by Pauline Uri There’s Angels in the clouds today! There really are ya know… Look up! Look up! Lift your chin and watch the show. There’s Angels in the clouds today! There really are ya know… It’s true! It’s true! Watch them dance, your eyes will glow. There’s Angels in the clouds [...]

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