Sacred Tahoe Time

With Sandra Winslow

April 24-27 2020

Hosted by Chris Janze

This innovative workshop will provide you with practical tools for bringing about clarity and harmony in your life. Help you to live each day with a sense of joy and peace. Assist you to better understand and manage your own unique energetic signature.

  • Discover where your Intuition, Imagination and Creative centers are and how to utilize their full potential.
  • Learn empowering exercises and journeys to receive and work with power animals.
  • Work in the three realms of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru, right thinking (serpent), right loving (eagle), right action ( jaguar).
  • Includes one private session with Sandra, working with Cowrie Shell Divination and Energetic Engineering

Registration for 2 days $295 lodging not included All 4 days $495 lodging included

Sacred Tahoe Time Two Day Retreat: $295
Sacred Tahoe Time Four Day Retreat: $495