Cowrie Shell Readings

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The Cowrie Shell Divination is a spiritual practice that originated with the Dagara People of West Africa.

This Five Element System of mineral, nature, fire, earth, and water is a key organizing model for individual growth and change.

A unique healing art

The Dagara have used this method of divination for transformation for thousands of years. My primary training in Divination has been with recognized expert and innovator, Toby Christensen who has, since 1991, been working with elder and western educated mentor, Dr. Malidoma Some who brought this wisdom from his village in Burkina Faso.

Through Toby’s teaching and mentorship, I have learned the “medicine” of this unique healing art that has been entrusted to very few people in the world.

Your impact, influences, and pathways

A cowrie shell reading gives you the chance to examine the impact you have on the world, the influences affecting your life, and the pathway to your highest potential. When do you need a session?

  • Are you beginning or ending a relationship?
  • Are you starting a new business or a new project?
  • Are you wondering which way to turn when you reach a crossroad in life?
  • Anytime you need clarity on something, you want to make a shift or change in your life, or you need a new perspective, a cowrie shell reading is an excellent tool.

$125 a session

A divination can be done for an individual, a partnership, or a larger group.

This method of divining offers a perspective that is not found in Western culture, and I am honored to bring it to the Mt. Shasta, California area.

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