Introduction to Energetic Engineering

June 27-28 Mount Shasta,CA

Working with Sandra to design and install your energetic blueprint will empower you with clear knowledge of…

This is my purpose!

These are the gifts I bring to the world!

This is how I manifest my desired destiny!

How it works…

Using a combination of practices from both the Shamanic Arts and Creative Arts, Sandra takes you through a series if 8 interactive steps. These steps literally help you custom design an energetic blueprint that builds an integrated infrastructure of body, mind, and spirit.

8 Steps for designing your energetic blueprint:

1) Clear Your Energy Body – Setting intention, prepare your luminous energy field for reconfiguration by clearing and unraveling old patterns and or behaviors that are no longer of service to your well being. You will create an outline describing the current state of your energy body.

2) Unleash Your Creative Genius – Uncovering and mapping your genius, what are the gifts you bring to the world.

3) Ignite Your Intuition, Imagination and Creativity – Discovering where your Intuition, Imagination and Creative centers are and how to utilize their full potential.

4) Clarify Your Intention & Eliminate Blocks Through Divination – Calling on the ancestors through divination practices to clarify intention, identify and eliminate obstacles. Chose the one that calls to you…Cowrie Shell Divination, Mesa Stone Divination or create your own!

5) Receive Your Wisdom Teachings From Nature – Identifying and calling upon your allies in nature so they will provide kinship, problem solving, guidance and wisdom.

6) Design Your Ideal Environment – Understand how to recognize and assemble environments that support and nurture your soul. Your environment includes your living and work space, health and nutrition and your spiritual realms.

7) Discover Your Vital Movement Patterns – Remind your body what kind of movement brings vitality and strength to your muscles and bones. Understand your body, specific to your unique movement patterns and what serves you.

8) Imprint Your Energy Blueprint Installation and Management – Once you have completed your energetic blue print you will imprint/install it into appropriate energy centers in the body. Learn practical, fun techniques for maintaining and sustaining your new energetic blue print.

Class Registration $275

Introduction to Energetic Engineering: $275